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What is at your Center?  What is at
                   Our Center?

A Geometric Intelligible Objectivity of the "inner functioning mind" is the practical objective basis for the proportional travel time for light.  As travel across a geometric circle is proportional, the speed is unquantifiable (see the transcendental nature of Pi) so the Universal rate light travels is actually a stipulated absolute for a Universally, agreed upon measure, although not completely true and accurate, opening the door for Quantum effects and the mechanics of those efffects.

Physically, the Universe Remains Unique.  By all observation: The Universe IS Unique, and Remains Unique, Always and Everywhere; and, therefore "Relatively" the Universe Appears to be in Motion.

Consequently, Each and Every Clock in the Universe is Unique so the Travel Time of Light cannot be measured by the Unique Speed of a Unique Clock meaning the Universal speed of light as in Einstein's Relativity must be STIPULATED and cannot be absolutely measured.

In the concluding sentence of, The God-Symbol: Its History and Its Significance, author, Paul Diel, states:
       "The analysis of the "Divinity" image [i.e., a mandala] is nothing but the analysis of the inner psychic functioning that created the "Divinity" symbol." *****

       In other words, the "Divinity" symbol is merely a subjective symbol that Diel claims can be analyzed. 
       However, where what is referred to by Diel as a "Divinity" symbol is geometric, an objective symbol, "the analysis of the inner psychic functioning that created the "Divinity" symbol"* must reasonably consider, after study, the order and history of geometry and sacred geometric forms such as, The Star of David, and The  Seal of Solomon, and, The Circle, The Cross, The Cross Piece, The Cross Section, The Square, and The Trinitarian Triangle, all  examples of historic symbols and sacred geometric forms.*
       With Geometry: There is revealed or discovered truth, proof in minds of a sacred geometric traditional form, principle, basis and order, as "pointed to" or explained by actual, historic, ancient geometry.

"[A} geometric figure of the Universe", after decades of study, was drawn without knowledge of a mandala ("a geometric figure of the Universe"). The drawn geometric diagram of the Universe understandably ended up being treated, seen and viewed, as a mandala because the geometric figure drawn is a mandala or mandala like (i.e., what was called or described as a Rose window .
      Crucial in drawing, constructing a  geometric (objective) figure of the Universe, a symbol, a diagram of the Universe (seen and viewed as a mandala) is  the classical physical manifestation of a  stable ordered Universal geometric form, a Principle symbol, and a Non-Obvious step, for a belief foundation, a basis for thought and belief, an objective basis, held  to be "perfectly" correct by proportion.  

truth:  A real Universe form, a foundation in physics and belief:  see in proportion, a star, a circle, a cross,  a center-point, (a point, right on the line), four right angles, as a physical diagram of the Universe.  A drawn real Universe diagram, seen and treated as a mandala and compared to a real Rose window.

      Non-Obvious here means "something" obvious (i.e., a step discovered and proved necessary essential to a process) "something" that is obvious to, at least, a perspective (two or a few people) and yet, not yet seen, found or learned as obvious by all (or many).  As to Non-Obvious, where "something" is determined to be Non-Obvious, that "something", ultimately, is, obvious to at least two people, and that "something" goes undetected or unseen, unnoticed, by others.*

Ultimately, this work is not about an image but a symbol, a symbol pointing to something beyond or other than the symbol itself.  As Diel stated in the "God Symbol"  "The Divinity symbol is nothing but, the analysis of the inner psychic functioning that created the "Divinity" symbol."  However, when a diagram of the Universe is not drawn as a "Divinity" symbol, yet the diagram is treated and seen as a mandala, a "Divinity symbol" , and when that diagram, mandala is formed from sacred geometric forms, analysis must go beyond the inner psychic functioning of the person who created the "Divinity" symbol to the geometry and the meaning of the geometric forms. Crucial in all this is understanding the Divinity symbol references. ... AS THIS IS AN O.

A Divinity symbol does have historical significance.


A Record is broken into pieces a fortune made without a bit to be found.



A Polite Request for Review: As measured: review The Foundations of Mathematics, Logic, and Computer Science for any and all contradictions including plane and temporal contradiction. Note further any contradiction between The Special Theory of Relativity and without touching  the principal, The Principle of Non-Contradiction**, Geometry (as to the whole of Geometry, symbolism and meaning: Conscious and Unconscious effects on mind) and the Unique Rhythm of the Nile.


 NC Non-Profit: For EDUCATIONAL AND LITERARY,PURPOSES# Descriptions supersede claims^. As to Universe, original diagram, figure and work.

*W.E. Copyrighted 2022 (from 1989 -1990 work) Unidea Center For Law and Technology All Rights Reserved, per copyright, trademark and intellectual property law rights

**Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Aristotle on Non-Contradiction 

***An Undeniable Geometric point, hand-drawn uniquely with physical certitude, as a Geometric Universe figure point, drawn from reason, with reference to sextant and a clock, with an added obvious deduction (Geometrically, logically and by a preponderance of the evidence), faith and belief, and not by a personal conviction, by a ... 

****Ego and Archetype, Edward F, Edinger (p.3)

***** Concluding sentence of the God Symbol, Its History and Significance, p.194 Harper & Row Publishers

+Noble Deed Realty Patent Application: (Proper Real Estate Rebates and Third-Party Payments  )


W.E. Copyrighted 2022 Unidea Center for Law and Technology, Inc.

*TheOne™: All rights reserved per copyright law, trademark and intellectual property law and rights

+(i.e., not the  exact same dimension.)

"Geometric Symbols
of Perfect Geometric 


Where is Sirius?



^5 See Douglas Laycock, Modern American Remedies: Cases and Materials (4th ed. 2010) at 380 ("It is hornbook law that equity will not act if there is an adequate remedy at law.").  footnote 5 of  Eisenberg, Theodore and Miller, Geoffrey P., "Damages versus Specific Performance: Lessons from Commercial Contracts," 12 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 29-69 (2015)

In  Fraternity.

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